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We build cool solutions.

Tippmann Engineering, the company behind Live-Wire, has been driving innovation in the cold chain for generations. We believe in the pursuit of better solutions that improve the ROI of our customers. We also let data drive our decisions.

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Cool Tech

IoT (Internet of Things) devices are here, there, and everywhere. Not just another pretty face from a startup in Silicon Valley, this is freezer tested tech.

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We spend time in freezers developing communication and data tools so you don't have to suit up and go in yourself.

Dan Tippmann, Chairman

Dan Tippmann's experience in cold chain, from manufacturing to construction, engineering, refrigeration and invention, is unparalleled. If you are looking for an expert, you've found one.

Bob Tippmann, President

Bob has been involved in product design and development for 15 years, and enjoys bringing the latest tech to the cold chain industry.